¿Quisiera que las vacaciones sean más memorables? Elija entre nuestras ofertas de programas y actividadades. Organizamos con placer el programa solicitado incluso con tranfer de su hotel ida y vuelta. Ud. puede reservar programas privados o adherir un viaje regular. Los precios de las actividades incluyen 10% comisión para agentes de viaje y tour operadores.


MORE ACTIVITIES (biking, hiking, canyoning, caving, golf, cayaking, horse riding, pub tours, boat tour, quadtour/off road, bowling, segway, tankdriving, bunker tour, sailing on Balaton, pistol shooting, Spa experience, canopy, zorb )


FOLKLORE DINNER in Marvanymenyasszony Restaurant

Address: H-1012 Budapest, Marvany u. 6.

The restaurant has preserved the romance of the old-time Buda since 1793. You can taste the refined versions of the traditional Hungarian dishes end the delicacies of international cuisin, too. We have several meeting room and summer time you can enjoy the shadowof the chestnut trees .

Minimal group size: 15 persons In the evenings guests are entertained by gipsy music, and Hungarian folklor show
Several menues can be choosen, one example: Ragout soup with tarragon Hungarian veal paprikash with home made pellets Mixed salad Apple strudel with cinnamon sauce
Drinks: wine, mineral water and cofee
19.9 EUR / pers, meals, drinks and programme incl.
89 EUR / minibus (up to 14 persons)
129 EUR / bus (up to 30 persons)
149 EUR / bus (up to 50 persons)

All taxes included Total duration of service incl. transfers: 3 h Net programme duration: 2-2.5 h


Wine Tasting, Cellar visits at Etyeki Kuria Winery

Address/Venue: H-2091 Etyek, Oreghegy, Pf.7.

On our tour we would like to show you the wine making process, share a few secrets, enter the old Swabian cellars, tempt you with regional specialties and offer you a glass or two of our exceptional wines. We are just outside of Budapest, in the green rolling hillsides. (30 km far away from the city centre). Wine tasting with cellar visits is approximately 2 hours long, with meals 2.5 hours long.

Minimal participants: 7, Maximal participants: 100
Price of programme: 10-23 EUR / pers Depending of number and types of wines to taste, and meals for it.
Price includes : wine tasting, cellar visits, lecure of wines and wine producing, optional snacks, dinner, different types of food. Transfer is not included.
Transfer fee (Budapest htl-Etyek-Budapest htl): 99 EUR / minibus (up to 14 persons) 139 EUR / bus (up to 30 persons) 169 EUR / bus (up to 50 persons)

All taxes included Total duration of service incl. transfers: 3.5 h Net programme duration: 2.5 h



Address: Varies

 This’ll be your dream activity if you’re a beer lover! While a professional pilot navigates you through Budapest’s city centre you and your mates have a relaxing sightseeing and two hours to consume 20 litres of beer. The only thing you have to do is pedaling – a great opportunity to get rid of the beer calories!
Minimal participants: 4, Maximal participants: 16 persons at one time (32/48 in 2 or 3 rounds )
Price of programme:  29 EUR
Price includes : Beerbike rental for 2 hours, 20 litres of beer, gorgeous guide, professional driver



Address: Varies

Ever heard of the two-stroke engined, uncomfortable Eastern-German Trabant, the most popular car of the communist era?
Even if you have, you certainly haven’t been a part of the special feeling
experienced when driving it. The car was a symbol of East Germany and the fall
of the communism, which makes it not only a fun, but also cultural program.
Minimal participants: 4, Maximal participants: 40 persons at one time (10 trabants )
Price of programme:  48 EUR
Price includes : 1h city driving, 1 round of beer or soft drink, gorgeous guide



Address: Varies

The classic activity, which is still in the top three of our customers rating of
favourite activities. You just can't be without it. A bounch of guys gratifying their
passion for speed and competition, taut situations and for the winner:
champagne spray party! So, just let the devil out and come with us to Budapests’
best and longest go-cart tracks and speed up with our 200 ccm 9HP monsters!
Minimal participants: 8, Maximal participants: 40 persons  (20 at the same time )
Price of programme:  46 EUR
Price includes : bus transfer to and from the track, 30 minutes go-karting, a round of beer, gorgeous guide, a bottle of champagne for the winner


Paintball Extreme

1) H-1188 Budapest, Szovet street Ex-Military Barracks
2) H-2120 Dunakeszi Alagi major 3) H-1224 Budapest, 4. Tucsok street

We offer paintball for groups of friends, parties, birthday parties as well as corporate events in three excellent locations: our Pestszentimre outdoor field is in the 18th district of Budapest, the Budateteny Indoor Cave is in the 22nd district of Budapest, and the Dunakeszi Alagimajor field is a 5 minute drive from the city limits.

A 5-hour game in fields with woodland and speedball arenas with all the necessary equipment, 200 paintballs and professional service is included in the price. We can arrange for transfer as well as catering on request (not included in the price).

Minimal group size: 6 persons
Maximal group size: no maximum limit
Price: 29 EUR / pers Including:
Rental of equipment, i.e. paintball gun, CO2 bottle with continuous refill, paintball mask, overalls and 200 paintballs. Supplements: Further paintballs can be purchased at 7 EUR/100 paintballs

Remarks: The minimum age limit is 10 years. Transfer is not included.

Transfer fee (Budapest htl-Venue-Budapest htl): 139 EUR / minibus (up to 14 persons) 199 EUR / bus (up to 30 persons) 229 EUR / bus (up to 50 persons)

All taxes included Total duration of service incl. transfers: 5.5 h Net programme duration: 4.5-5 h


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