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Hay varios viajes accesibles de Budapest, o de cualquier otro lugar dentro de Hungría, Austria, la República Checa o Eslovaquia. Para grupos encerrados podemos organizar viajes de varios días incluyendo cualquiera de los países en la región. En Budapest (medio día), en Hungría (medio día, día completo, varios días), en Europa Central /Hungría, Austria, Eslovaquia, República Checa/ (varios días)




Walking tours in BUDAPEST

Perhaps the best way to explore Budapest is on foot. Being part of the crowd in the streets, we get a real insight to what life is like for the residents of Budapest. We also have a chance to use the public transport: buses, the famous yellow tram, and the undeground, including the 'little underground', which is more than 100 years old, and is the second oldest underground in Europe (after the London tube).

All tours include detailed explanations of the places, the times, and relevant stories, anecdotes, myths. Below are some thematical tours on offer:

Exploring Buda and Pest (4-5 h)

Walking tour passing the main sights of the city: the main pedestrian zone, Váci street; the Market Hall; the Danube Promenade; St Stephen's Cathedral; the Parliament. We take the more than 100 year-old Funicular to the top of Buda hill, and explore the Castle District. With the Little Underground we reach Andrássy Avenue, and walk around Heroes' Square and the City Park, including Széchenyi Spa and Vajdahunyad Castle.

Communist Walk (4 h)

Discover the communist history and heritage of Budapest. We see the only two public monuments which remain from the time, the Red Army Memorial and Liberty Statue, on top of Gellért Hill; the Museum of Terror, the former headquarters of the Soviet secret police; and what life used to be like, in typical socialist stlye block houses.

1956 Revolution Walk (3 h)

We visit the areas of Budapest where the most important events of the 1956 Revolution took place: Bem statue, the Parliament, the Hungarian Radio, Corvin köz, the Universities, the place the Stalin statue once stood. We finish the tour at the statue of Imre Nagy, leader of the Revolution.

Jewish Walk (2.5 h)

A visit of the Jewish Quarter of Budapest, including Europe's largest synagogue, the Jewish cemetery, the Wallenberg memorial and Holocaust Memorial tree. We also see other places of worship, jewish schools, kosher restaurants and shops.

"Turn of the Century" Walk (3 h)

At the end of the 19th, beginning of the 20th century, Hungary was part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. During the walk, we discover the monuments and other sights related to this era: beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, cafés popular among Hungarian writers and artists of the time, we will also follow the steps of Sissi, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary.

Pub Prawl (min. 3 h)

Discover the best pubs of the city, including the highly popular and trendy ruin-pubs, which have become a special attraction of Budapest.



Bus Tours in Budapest

Budapest City Tour (3.5-4 h)

We visit the major sights of the city, including Heroes' Square, the most monumental square of Budapest, the City Park, with Széchenyi Spa and Vajdahunyad Castle. Continuing on Andrássy Avenue, belonging to the World Heritage of Unesco, we pass the House of Terror and the Opera House. Reaching downtown Budapest, we pass such monuments as the Gresham Palace, Chain Bridge and the Parliament building. Crossing the river Danube on Margaret Bridge, we take a glimpse of Margaret Island and the bridges on the Danube. On the Buda side of the city, we take a look at an old Turkish bath, and the Castle district, including Matthias Church, Fishermen's Bastion and the Royal Palace. Final stop of the tour is Gellért Hill, from where we can admire the magnificent view of the whole city.

Budapest By Night (4 h)

Spend an unforgettable evening in the glittering Budapest and come to know the city's traditional side! Firstly you can get a little taste of the Hungarian folklore in a traditional, athmospheric restaurant being warmly welcomed by Hungarian specialities. "Barack pálinka" which is apricot brandy, is one of the typical Hungarian shots and 'pogácsa', a cheese cake is also very popular in every Hungarian household.

After the aperitif a delicious 3-course menu is served for you accompanied by good wines and a varied folklore show. Hungarian folk dance performance and gipsy music provide memorable entertainment. Leaving the restaurant you can have a marvellous view on the illuminated city from the Citadel.

You can partake in the breathtaking spectacle of the Budapest downtown area, including the riverfront, bridges and architectural wonders as the Castle, Chain bridge, the Parliament and the St. Stephen Cathedral, all illuminated for the night. The lights on the monuments and bridges gleam in the dark like jewels.

Budapest City Tour with Opera House (4 h)

The Regular City Tour is followed by the interior visit of the Opera House. The Opera House, which took nine years to build, was Europe's most modern opera house - a building which combined the artistic with the practical. It was opened amid great pomp and ceremony in 1884, what was a long-awaited moment in the Hungarian opera life. Even if you aren't an opera fan the Opera House's building in itself worth a visit. Its fine neo-Renaissance architecture will enchant you. During Budapest City Tour there will be stops at: Castle District, Citadel, Heroes' Square and at the Opera House

Sightseeing from Boat on River Danube (1 h)

One of the world's most pleasantly sited cities, Budapest is divided into two distinct parts by the River Danube. Buda and Pest are connected with spectacular bridges. Take a guided boat tour of this beautiful city and see the nicest bridges and monuments from the middle of the river.

You can spend a pleasant hour on the board of the boat, sailing among the splendid vision of the following sights; on the boat tour you can see the Parliament building (built between 1884 and 1902), Margaret Island ("lung of the city"), Castle District (including the Mathias Church, Fishermen's Bastion and Royal Castle), Gellért Hill with the Citadel and Liberation Monument, the National Theatre's modern and beautiful building and the Palace of Art giving home to numerous cultural programs.

The audio guided sightseeing cruise between the Vigadó Square and Margaret Island includes two drinks. With a glass of of beer, wine or soft drink in your hand, you will be able to experience how the legends of Budapest come alive.



SPECIAL & ADVENTURE Tours in Budapest

Cooking tour (3.5 h)

Cooking tour is a great way to combine your love of gastronomy and travel into an extraordinary experience. Cooking tour through the Hungarian kitchen provide you with the opportunity to explore delicious traditional foods and special ingredients.

Hungarian culinary specialties with an international reputation include goulash, various refreshing fruit-based cold soups, chicken paprika, stuffed cabbage, foie gras, roast duck, and letcho (a combination of green peppers, tomatoes and onions). Soup is a very important meal in Hungarian cuisine thus a perfect Hungarian lunch and sometimes dinner starts with some kind of soup.

If you want to try how to make traditional Hungarian dishes, attend our organized cooking course in Budapest. Talented and friendly chefs tell you all you need and want to know about Hungarian cuisine and show you all cooking practices and tricks so that you'll be able to treat your family and friends to a fantastic Hungarian dinner in your homecountry. 3-4 dishes will be cooked by your group, then comes the eating and drinking.. 1 hour guiding in the Great Market Hall before cooking, visit of the market and shopping is alo included!

Adventure Cave Tours in Budapest (5 h)

Discover the city's unique natural beauties under your feet! Budapest is one of the world's very few cities where almost 200 smaller and bigger caves can be found within the municipal area. These caves were formed by the same springs that today supply the thermal baths. The majority of the caves were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, when house buildings and drainage construction works were carried out.

Budapest has 9 strictly protected caves and 3 are open to the public. There is a cave on the southeastern side of Gellért Hill which gave the city half of its name. Seeing the hollow in the hill, and the other caves that underlie the Buda Hills, the Magyar conquerors from Asia - with no word of their own for cave - borrowed the Slavic word "pest" from tribes living in the area. They named what is now Gellért Hill "Pest Hill" - or hill of caves. In 1926 a lovely chapel, known as Rock Chapel, was built inside the hollow of Gellért Hill and can be visited today. This will be our first stop during the tour.

Rock Chapel:

First we visit the beautiful Rock Chapel, which has its entrance in the hillside 75 feet above the level of the River Danube. Archaelogical evidence has shown that primitive man inhabited the Buda hills' caves 4 000 years ago. In the 1920s Paulite monks converted the cave of Gellért hill into a pilgrims' chapel. The chapel is one of the most interesting ecclesiastical monuments of the capital.

The Labyrinth of Buda Castle:

After our visit in the Rock Chapel we continue our tour to the Buda Castle. The enchanting Castle District with the panoramic Danube view are parts of the world heritages. Here we can find the marvellous, medieval sights within walking distance, the Fishermen's Bastion, Matthias Church, the Royal Palace and many other historical sights are waiting for the visitors. In the Castle we can have a breathtaking view onto the entire city and take a fabulous visit in the amazing Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth of Buda Castle is the longest and most well-ordered visitable part of the cave system under the Castle Hill in Budapest. It is run by a cultural establishment since 1983 and has become known worldwide in 2000. At the present time it belongs to the top 10 sights in Hungary and it is one of the world's most interesting underground wonders.

The unique calcareous tufa caves of Castle Hill were created as an effect of the hot water springs at the dawn of the history of the Earth. These caves then served as refuge as well as hunting ground for the prehistoric man appearing half a million years ago. The labyrinth of caves and tunnels which stretch for over 10 kilometres beneath Castle Hill are said to have been joined together by the Turks during the middle ages for military purposes. In the 17th century, parts of the catacombs were used to store wine. More recently, the immediate area under Úri utca served as an air-raid shelter during World War II. Today, about 1.5 kilometres are open to the general public.

Pálvölgyi Cave:

After having a look at the wonderful, remarkable sights of the Buda Castle, we arrive to compelling Pálvölgyi Cave, to our last stop during the tour.

Legend says that the cave was discovered by a grazing sheep that got lost. This is the most beautiful and the longest cave in Buda Hills with its 18 km length, which can by visited by the public since 1919. The cave is famous for its unique dripstones, but the narrow, canyon-like corridors, the cauldron-like dissolve formations and the large level differences are also very typical. Some formations are particularly popular with children, such as the animals and the chamber of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. 00 m can be visited with a guide, but it's rather demanding because of the great differences of height.

The route has lately been modernized and adjusted for the highest requirements. Ladders and steep stairs help you to move forward. The tour takes you to the most astonishing stone formations, drip stones, glittering calcium-crystals and prints of primeval shells.

Before and after it you have the opportunity for relaxation in the nice buffet or in the souvenir shop. Don't forget the warm cloths!



Tours in HUNGARY

Danube Bend Tour (9 h)

The Danube Bend is a special geographical area of Hungary, where the Danube takes a 90 degree turn, and continues flowing from north to south. Its a beautiful hilly area, where we can find historical towns as well as traditional villages.

The first stop on the tour is in Esztergom, former royal seat and present centre of the Hungarian Catholic Church. We visit the St Stephen's Cathedral, largest church of Hungary. We can also have a view of the river Danube, which is a border river here between Hungary and Slovakia.

The second historical town to visit is Visegrád, also former royal seat, where we visit the ruins of a medieval castle, and have a chance to see the panoramic view of the Danube bend area.

Last stop on the tour is Szentendre, with its pittoresque cobblestone streets, narrow alleyways and meditteranean atmosphere. The town is also called the town of artists, since many artists settled here and founded art schools. Opportunity to buy some typical Hungarian products and souvenirs.

Lake Balaton (10 h)

Lake Balaton is the largest fresh water lake of Central Europe. Its very popular especially in summer, when the shallow water heats up to temperatures as warm as 24-25 C degrees. At this beautiful natural area we can also visit some lovely towns, such as Tihany, which is found on a peninsula, on a hillside. The Abbey of Tihany was founded in 1055, and its Deed of Foundation is the first document ever to be written in Hungarian language.

We can also take a look at traditional fishermen houses in this town. The next stop on the tour is Balatonfüred, which is a spa town, and we have the chance to taste the medicinal water from a well. After walking along the beautiful promenade and pier, we can have a swim in the lake in the nearby public beach. During this tour, there is also a possibility to visit the world's largest Porcelain Manufactory (founded in 1826) in Herend.

Puszta Tour with Kecskemét (9 h)

The Puszta (meaning flatland, wasteland in Hungarian) is a special geographical area in the south east part of Hungary. It can be found in the Great Plain, and its a completely flat area, with very hot and dry climate. First, we visit Kecskemét, a typical Hungarian agricultural town, also called the town of Art Nouveau, with its Town Hall, Ornamented Palace and other public buildings constructed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Following the town visit, we head to Bugacpuszta, where we can observe the traditional way of life, with horse shows, a Shepherd's Museum, and a horse carriage ride in the countryside. The traditional Hungarian animal species can also be seen, such as the mangalica pig, racka sheep and the famous grey cattle, as well as Hungarian dog species. We end the visit of the farm with a 3- course-lunch including gulyas soup, as well as other Hungarian gastronomic specialities.

The Royal Tour of Gödöllő (4 h)

Just a 30 minute drive from Budapest, we can visit the former summer residence of Francis Joseph and Sissi, the Austrian emperess, and Queen of Hungarians. The beautiful Baroque Palace is the second largest such building in the world. During the interior visit of the Palace, we can get acquainted with the its history, starting with an exhibition about the Grassalkovich family, a wealthy aristocratic family who commissioned the construction of the Palace in the 18th century.

The second part of the exhibition displays the life of Sissi, with special focus on her relationship with the Hungarians and her repeated stays at Gödöllő. After the interior visit, we have a chance to take a walk in the Palace Park, and to stop for coffee and cake in the Palace Café.

Etyek wine lands (and movie) tour (4 h):

Etyek is the closest wine region from Budapest, only 30 km away (35 minutes drive). It is a village with charm in the middle of hills.

On our tour we would like to show you the wine making process, share a few secrets, enter the old Swabian cellars, tempt you with regional specialties and offer you a glass or two of our exceptional wines. Wine tasting with cellar visits is approximately 2 hours long, with dinner 3 hours long.

In this tour we can include a visit in a Movie Factory EtyekWood, where several famous movies were created.

Eger and Tokaj or Bükk Mountains (10 h):

Probably everybody heard about the famous Tokaj wines but have you heard the name of EGER? On this tour you can get acquainted with the history of mediaeval Hungary, viticulture and wonderful landscapes.

We leave Budapest towards the East and drive along the bordering region of the Great Hungarian Plain and the North - Hungarian Mountain range. In summer you can see cornfields of golden colour and yellow sunflower plantations, green mountains with shady forests. In winter snow covers the landscape. While your guide tells you about land and the people, about traditions and folks habits you can enjoy the scenery passing by.

After one and a half hours driving you arrive to the city of Eger, situated in a valley between the Mátra and Bükk Mountains. It is a 1000 - year old episcopal seat - today an archiepiscopal centre - with a glorious historical past. István Dobó, one-time castellan, gave the town the title "patriotic town" for its month long resistance in 1552 against Ottoman Turkish forces that had a superiority of 20 - times against Dobo's small army.

Eger has many attractions beside the fortress: medicinal baths, historical monuments and fine wines. Another famous product of the region is Bull's Blood, the legendary full bodied red wine, a cuvee of red grapes. The mystery around the wine is kept as secret, but if you are curious, come and visit Eger to find it out! Your guide will take you for a historical walk in the mediaeval castle and in the old town. After this short walk we visit the Valley of the Beautiful Woman to have delicious lunch and taste wine, see those typical wine cellars dug into the hillside standing next to each other in close succession.

Instead of Tokaj we can include a visit in the mountains to Szilvasvarad, the home of trouts, streams, waterfalls and caves, and we can exlore it by the forest railway.

5-7 days Hungary cross country Tours:

Hungary is a small country, and all significant sights can be visited in a full day tour from Budapest. In case you wish to spend more time in the countryside, feel it's atmosphere, and of course spend less travel time, we can create 5-6-7 days Hungary tours with accommodation in 3 / 4 settlements.

Some suggestions:

Wine regions of Hungary including Pécs, Sopron, Eger, Tokaj
Roman trails including Budapest (Aquincum), Győr (Arabona), Fenékpuszta (Valcum), Tác (Gorsium), Pécs (Sophiane)
Lakes of Hungary incl. lake Fertő, Lake Velencei, Lake Tisza, and of course lake Balaton
World Heritage Sites of Hungary incl. Budapest, Hollókő, Pécs, Aggtelek, Hortobágy, Tokaj, Fertő tó, Pannonhalma



Central-European Tours

With itineraries including Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Krakow, and more...

Let us be your personal tour guide to explore with the fascinating sights of Europe. We are specialized in customized tours to Central- and Eastern-Europe. Our round trips take you to the best places in these regions from the mountains of the Alps to the Black Sea Coast. If you would like to experience gorgeous cities like Prague, Vienna or Warsaw, or explore beautiful sights like Czech, Slovak and Austrian castles, contact us for tailor made itineraries meeting your requirements.

The countries of Central- and Eastern-Europe are historically and culturally vibrant. These regions captivate you with imperial cities, traditional villages, alpine mountains, and beautiful beaches. We offer a range of tours and activities for all interests. If required we design itineraries according to your ideas and wishes free of charge.

Our each customized tours depart from Hungary. This makes possible for us creating popular round trips at more favourable prices than our foreign competitors, as starting from Hungary means lower-priced transfer service and nearness to the main European destinations being in the heart of the continent. All these are combined with precise organization and good foreign partnerships. In case you would like to add another destinations, just let us know and we make the best itinerary!



A few example of the tours we organised recently:

Historical Budapest-Vienna-Prague Tour

visit the most famous cities of Central Europe, moreover the former imperial and royal seats. Being capitals of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the relics of the common past can be found in all three cities spreading a special atmosphere.

Eastern-European World Heritage Tour

the tour includes the UNESCO monuments of Hungary and Romania. We take you to the region's most important sights and cities to see amazing cultural heritages originating from the ancient and medieval times.

Cultural South-European Tour

admire the beautiful places and landscapes of Hungary, Croatia and Italy. This tour includes three of the continent's most beautiful peninsulas, the lovely, tiny Tihany peninsula at "the Hungarian sea", the Lake Balaton, the amazing places of the Croatian Istria peninsula and the magnificent Apennine peninsula, the great "Italian boot".